PVC Door Panels

PVC Door Panels

Superior strength.

PVC Door Panels


Benefit Sheets

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  • The GPI Millworks’ PVC Door Panel combines added strength and thermal resistance with versatility and durability.
  • Reinforced with pultruded fiberglass and wood inserts, the GPI Millworks’ Door Panel has improvements over the traditional PVC Door Panel.
  • Each door panel is shipped with protective film on each door face to keep the panel free from damage.


Condensation Resistance Testing

Condensation Resistance Test Results

Download Condensation Resistance Test Results
  • Test results from Intertek / Architectural Testing
  • Architectural Testing is an NFRC accredited simulation laboratory
  • All simulations conducted in full compliance with NFRC approved procedures and specifications
PVC Door Panels

Improved Strength

  • Welded PVC door panel with a fixed glazing bead on one side and a removable glazing bead on the other
  • Glazing Tape (inside of each four sides of door panel)
  • Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforcements (2) and Wood Inserts (2) each in left 3 and right stiles of door
  • Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforcement (1) in both top and bottom rails

Improved Thermal Resistance

  • Panel stiles are secured to the Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforcements and Wood Inserts on the inside with stainless steel screws (5 on each side and 2 top and bottom).
  • Protective surface film covers both front and back of door panel

Improved Versatility

  • Due to the deadbolt and latch locations being centerlined, the PVC Door Panel can be used for a left or right active door by rotating the door 180 degrees (top to bottom)


  • GPI Millworks’ Door Panels are available in retro, full-size and 8′ sizes. Custom doors also available upon request.