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In this approcah, a session id is generated by the server and stored in a cookie within the JSESSIONID paramter. In a microservices architecture, you’ve got a lot of tiny services all doing their thing. Very uninteresting, I know. Spring provides an "AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter" which is used for authentication. But passing 27KB of JSON data is not a good way to go here, nor is storing that in your session in the first place. Or we could add other session attributes that we’ve previously stored with our session. Each microservice will be fully session-aware and yet require no setup or overhead. If the data is incorrect, the server response is an HTTP 403 Forbidden. First, let’s use pre-authentication similar to what we explored in the article Stateless API Security with Spring Boot, Part 2. And, after the user is logged in successfully, we want to show the user profile page with user information in it. Note: This tutorial was built using Spring Boot 2.0.4.RELEASE. Going back to our first project, let’s add Zuul from the Spring Cloud Netflix suite to our stack. In this configure method, we should add two filters which will be used in login step and the authentication step. Concurrent Session Control. To understand all of the steps easily, it is good to have a scenario. We also learned how to add a Zuul request filter that adds session state to our proxied requests as HTTP headers. Note: We did add a bit of routing to the gateway, but that’s required regardless, isn’t it? Example project for securing REST endpoints with an Authorization header for API security. Are you ready to get started ? In this article, we defined the two types or approachs of authentication, the session-based one and the stateless authentication and we have learned step by step the way to implement a stateless authentication system in our Spring Boot application using the JWT approach from scratch. Yep. For example, you can create the token and store it in a cache server with a token, user hashmap and when the user sends a request with that token, you can get the token details from this cache server or you can store the token you generated in a database, etc. You may also want to eventually integrate this platform into other larger systems, or sell it as a B2B service. In the previous article, we discussed adding Basic authentication to our project and turned off session management for a pure stateless API.In this article, we’ll discuss how to extend that using an Authorization header and a custom security scheme. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Zuul’s reverse-proxy functionality to propagate session information in a stateless way. Again, if you’re using another gateway or reverse-proxy technology, it needs to have the capability to plug code into it that is aware of our session. Once you’ve got the second project up and running, we’ll add a controller that will eventually be able to utilize session state. Example project for stateless session propagation. Using Postman (here), hit the Log In route with a POST at http://localhost:8080/api/v1/login, then issue a GET to http://localhost:8080/api/v1/hello. As you see in the last two lines, we have a "Login Filter" which will be called with any request path equals to "/api/auth/login". Marketing Blog. The first step is authentication. If the user object already exits, that means there is a user that has a valid and not dead token. We may need a bit of setup on the architectural side. Basically, they involve sending custom tokens or custom keys within the HTTP Request header. In this example, we’re not being very creative. But make sure it has the additional capabilities we’ll cover shortly. When we talk about The session-based approach, it means that it's the server that is responsible for managing the authentication state of the user, and we have noticed that today, the most common usage of authentication is the session-based approach. We contain all the “complexity” (all 50 lines of it) in once place.

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